About Me


Prior to launching Pete Smithies Media, I was the head of the Ministry of Defence department that I joined as an assistant photographer "way back" in 1982


During my time with the Ministry of Defence, I worked along-side and managed a staff of @ 20 talented media specialists, I was also a senior focal point for the photographic profession for the British Army and instrumental in transitioning the photographic class into the digital arena.


My MOD career provided me with a tremendous variety of media opportunities. This experience enabled me to gain an understanding and respect for all the major disciplines that are required in the multi-media industry


Whilst I enjoyed the responsibility of management, I did not lose the desire to create. I continued to play an active role in production work in all areas of the department.


Future Vision


I have seen a tremendous overlapping of the individual disciplines in the media industry and many years ago I predicted that this “blurring” would continue well into the future. This prediction still stands!


My personal goal has been to become diverse in what I do, whilst equipping myself with all the necessary skills to become a professional multi-media producer and accomplished project manager and team leader.


Since moving to New Zealand I have been able to utilize virtually all of the skills and experience that I accumulated over the years. It has been a delight to work for “real people” who are passionate about what they do and appreciative of the ways in which I have helped them.




Pete Smithies Media